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1977年 新潟生まれ 横浜在住 芸術家




Mizuki Ogawa

Born in Niigata Japan, Live in Yokohama,Artist

Went over to France alone in 2012 and having lived there . By taking the opportunity of learning painting at Académie de Port-Royal in Paris as well as by gaining experience of different cultures and philosophies of various countries at this time, she began to have interest in the methods of interaction and connection between “Past” and “Present,” and, not only that, the matters born from them. People live with extended lines of “history” and “memories”; and products of the past are changing their shape to have a large relationship to the present daily life.
This awareness is expressed not only through paintings using the anime explosion but also through such methods as animation without being influenced by forms.

小川 美月 Mizuki Ogawa
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